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Escape is easy to understand , all you need to do is to reach a tower . A tower is a safe zone , a place where your ennemies can't go . The world is big , maybe the tower you'll reach gonna be deserted and you'll need to find another one rapidly or you will get killed.

Fight against disconnected humans

They act like cannibals and they want your blood. There's only one way to get out of this hell, run and reach a tower.They have guns and many ammo! They are ready for your escape ... and you ? Are you ready to survive ?


They are highly secured.It could be easy to escape from them if they was deserted but they are kept by mercenaries disconected from the real world.


Map of escape are/going to be really big.Each one of them contain four tower but only one have the power to get you out of this hell.A boreal valley, a island in the middle of a lake and a snowy landscape.You'll discover them gradually until the release of the game.


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Dev page of the game

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Published Dec 03, 2015
StatusIn development
Tagsesc, escape, escapes, escpes, red-army

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